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Deep Fat Fryer | Igenix IG8035 | 3.5L


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The Igenix IG8035 Brushed Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer will complement any kitchen with its professional and stylish design. The fryer is easy to clean as it can be fully dismantled the bowl, basket and lid are all removable. It has a 3.5 Litre oil capacity which will enable you to fry up to 1Kg of food at any one time. The control panel shows useful symbols which will guide you to select the correct temperature for your food. The lid incorporates a viewing window so you can see your food frying without having to open the lid. The basket comes with a removable handle the and Deep Fat Fryer has a non-stick inner bowl for easy cleaning. Deep Fat Fryers are ideal for cooking foods including chips, onion rings, fish fingers, croquettes, chicken nuggets and more. They offer the ultimate in convenience cooking (some foods can be cooked straight from frozen) and produce delicious cooking results.



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