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Catering Urn | Igenix IG4015 | 15L


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This IG4015 15L Catering Urn expertly combines robust construction with efficiency, displaying all the qualities you would expect from the Igenix brand. It is perfect for either a large home or office environment, as it is capable of making up to 47 mugs of hot water at a time. The energy saving thermostat has a 30 - 100 degrees C range, meaning you are able to boil a large amount of water whilst keeping a positive carbon footprint. As well as being economical, features such as the clear water gauge, keep warm function and the non-drip tap make this urn incredibly easy to use and very useful for those situations where lots of hot water is needed. This 15L catering urn also has a plethora of safety features that enhance its performance whilst keeping the users free from injury.



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