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Many people love being scared on Halloween, but for some it may not be enough to go trick or treating or even to watch a horror movie on the 31st. For the more ardent chill-seekers, we’ve collected a list of the spookiest places in the UK to visit on Halloween – from old hospitals, prisons and even a few pubs (because you might need a drink after seeing all those ghosts), there’s something for everyone no matter where you are in the UK. Think we’ve missed somewhere? Let us know in the comments if there’s a scary location in your...

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  If you’re hosting a spooky Halloween party this year and don’t want to buy in loads of generic decorations, we have a list just for you. Creating your own homemade decorations is not only fun (especially if you get the kids involved) but can also be done on a fairly small budget.  Floating Witch Hat Luminaries By Polkadot Chair Harry Potter-esque floating hats can only be a winner on Halloween, whether you choose to dangle them outside or inside the home is up to you. 2. DIY Masking Tape Hand By Wholesale Halloween Costumes You can also substitute clear packing...

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The fight against Alzheimer’s (also known as dementia) is an important one as this is the most significant cause of death among people who live in England and Wales. Unfortunately, no cure for dementia has been discovered as yet and research continues, while the large number of people who suffer from this disease means that the cost of care is very high. In 2017 £1,000,000 was raised in England on this day alone. A large part of the money raised went to opening special dementia cafes where people who suffer from the disease have a welcoming place to gather with...

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Wildlife wonders If looking out for nature is something close to your heart, there are several ways you can provide mother nature with a helping hand. Build a “Bee Hotel”: Unlike the familiar bumblebee, mason bees are solitary. After hatching in spring, the female spends most of her life searching for hollow stems in which to lay her eggs. If you can provide something suitable out of wood with lots of holes and gaps, she’ll come to you to make her home. Make a log shelter: Dead wood is full of living things – rotting wood is both home and...

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Barbecue Hopefully the weather near you is good this weekend! In which chase it’s a perfect opportunity to dust off the barbecue for the first time this year. The British, second only to the Australians of course, don’t need much of an excuse to get grilling outside. Whether you want to entertain family or friends, a bit of red and white bunting and a flag or two will mark a memorable St George’s weekend barbecue. Pub visit A good traditional local pub is a great place to get in the spirit of the occasion; some pubs go all out to...

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