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Go Shop’s Night In featuring Gourmet Gadgetry

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Go Shop’s Night In featuring Gourmet Gadgetry

Gourmet Gadgetry With the weather still looking cold and dreary, and everyone’s wallets feeling a little light after the Christmas festivities, we’ve collected a few inexpensive but fun products from Gourmet Gadgetry to bring a little bit of retro food excitement to those dark January evenings.

3 in 1 Drinks Maker

Great for creating yummy milkshakes for both kids and grownups (the splash of alcohol in the grownups’ glass will be our little secret), or healthy smoothies if you’re feeling nutritious.

Milk Frother and Hot Chocolate Maker

Who doesn’t love a warming hot chocolate after battling the harsh weather all day? Simply pour your favourite chocolate mix and hot milk in, close the lid and whiz!

Popcorn Maker

Whether you love sweet or salted, or even a tasty creation of your own, make perfectly popped popcorn in only 3 minutes. Grab a good movie and enjoy.

Candy Floss Maker

We all know kids love candy floss, but most adults probably secretly do as well. From creating to eating, dial up the fun and create a carnival in your own home.

Chocolate Fountain

Cheat on your New Year diet in the most indulgent way with this easy to use chocolate fountain. Serves up to 10 people, but that’s just a recommendation, right?

Double Pie Maker

Get the whole family involved in making tasty sweet or savoury pies – either use the recipes provided or go crazy and create your own. Perfect for a midweek meal to bring everyone together.

Pizza Oven & Multi Grill

Stuck for something quick and easy for dinner? Why not grab some pizza bases and a few toppings, and have the whole family create their favourite personal pizzas? Can also be used as a multi grill for those of us that are still sticking to our resolutions.

Slushy Maker

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from enjoying a delicious frozen slushie, or even an iced coffee if you need a little pick me up after a long day at work.

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